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About Us

No special event is complete without delicous food and Señor Pepe's Paella Catering is proud to take care of that for you. We cook authentic Spanish paella through out the state of Florida. Paella is a classic Spanish dish that originates in Valencia, Spain.  Paella is comprised of key ingredients such as imported rice, saffron, paprika, sofrito and a variety of meats, shellfish and vegetables.  Paella is cooked outside over an open fire in a paella pan.

My name is Jose Lugo aka (Chef Pepe) founder of Señor Pepe's Paella Catering LLC. Our family history begins in the Northwest coast of Spain, Galicia.  My great, great grandparents were from the city of Lugo, Spain. I was born in Brooklyn, New York.  My love for cooking began at a very young age and I was fortunate enough to meet and work with chefs from different cultures. Greek, Italian and Spanish cusines are my favorites. In 1995, I relocated to the beautiful state of Florida.

The idea behind Señor Pepe's Paella Catering service is to provide authentic great tasting paella throughout the state of Florida.  There are many paella catering companies throughout the state of Florida that offer paella.  Most claim to be authentic and after my many travels throughout Spain, I realized very few can make this claim.

"Paella is a rice dish but, all rice dishes are not paella".

Paella requires certain key ingredients not just the pan to be authentic. It must include saffron not food coloring or dyes to make it florescent yellow. In Spain, they have a name for this (paella pintada) which means painted paella because of the coloring added. The rice used to make paella is very important. If you see long grain rice, run! it's not authentic. There are many variations of paella. In Valencia Spain, The birth place of paella. the paella Valenciana is made with rabbit, chicken and snails. There's absolutely no seafood in it.  It has a crusty bottom (not burned) called the socarrat. The paella is also very thin. We take pride in offering the authentic traditional paella Valenciana of Spain. We also understand that not everyone eats rabbit or snails and we offer our own version of paella valenciana made with chicken and spanish chorizo.  Paella is a dish that brings people together.

Señor Pepe's Paella Catering takes pride in preparing authentic tasting paella throughout the state of Florida.

We are a License, Certified and Insured paella catering company.  

Paella is perfect for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, graduations, baby showers sweet sixteens, quinceaneras, promotions, employee appreciations or any special occasion celebrated. 

We will prepare the paella of your choice in any outdoor or indoor area.

For example: parks, pool decks, pavilions, backyards, barns, beaches, resorts and ballrooms are great for paella catering.

We specialize in all type of corporate or private events, large or small we cater all!

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